Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bleached Hair

I've probably seen every episode of "Date My Mom" and "NEXT" ever made. That's not because I'm a fan of the shows, but rather because I'm a passive MTV viewer. By that I mean whenever I can't find anything of interest on television (that happens a lot), I flip to MTV and leave it on as background noise. Even as a passive viewer, John Norris bothers me. Why is he still at MTV? Seriously, this guy started working there when I was in grade school. Aside from CBS news anchors, who else has that kind of job security? What makes the whole situation worse is that he doesn't dress his age. He's 48 years old!! Can you name another 48 year old that bleaches his hair and hangs around high school students talking about Fall Out Boy? Yep, me neither.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tight Roll

I've been in the college environment for close to 9 years. As I've gotten older and witnessed the birth year of the incoming freshman class move further and further away from my own, I can't help but wonder if the lesser known trends of my youth are adequately preserved. Well, I'm going to do my part:

Tight Roll Jeans: An Illustrated How-to

Step 1: Pull the cuff of your jeans tight.

Step 2: Fold the hem around your ankle, keeping the jeans taut.

Step 3: Roll the cuff up once...

Step 4: ...and roll the cuff up one more time. At this point the jeans should be tight enough around the ankle that they do not need to be held. If desired, the cuff can be rolled a third time.

Step 5: Rock it.

Boy/Girl Robots

Hello Readers! Do you think artificial intelligence will become so advanced that robots capable of human-like emotion will be developed? I do, and I think it is only natural that such robots be given a humanoid form (two legs, two arms, etc.). Still, I can't help wondering if these robots will be assigned a particular gender... How will one be able to distinguish a boy robot from a girl robot? Will they wear gender tags? Will their "robot figure" allow them to be identified? Perhaps their behavior should be used to characterize them as being more male-like or female-like.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Isaac Newton was a prick


In his first edition of Principia Mathematica, Newton failed to fully explain the motion of the moon. He wished to correct the omission in subsequent editions but required the observations of the astronomer John Flamsteed to do so. Flamsteed agreed to grant Newton access to his data but requested that they not be made public. Newton agreed. Realizing that he would be unable to complete his desired edits to Principia Mathematic without Flamsteed's notes, Newton conspired to have himself appointed to the governing body of the Royal Observatory. Using his new found authority, Newton seized Flamsteed's catalogs and had them published. Flamsteed learned of the publication and succeeded in obtaining a court order to prevent its distribution. Newton was so enranged that he deleted any mention of Flamsteed in subsequent editions of Principia Mathematica.


Working independently, Newton and the German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz developed calculus. While we have since learned that Newton beat Leibniz to the initial discovery by a few years, Leibniz was the first to publish his findings. The two quarrelled over who should be credited, with each receiving letters of support throughout the field. (It should be noted that many of the letters backing Newton were penned by Newton's friends and even Newton himself!) In what might be considered the ultimate bonehead move, Leibniz appealed to the Royal Society--the very same society of which Newton was president--to settle the dispute. Newton proceeded to stack the supposedly impartial committee with his friends and supporters. To no surprise, the Society found in favor of Newton and formally accused Leibniz of plagiarism. After Leibniz's death, it was said that Newton found great pleasure in "breaking Leibniz's heart."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Things I would like to do this week (in no particular order)

1. See Grindhouse and/or Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
2. Clean my apartment
3. Wash my dirty gym shirts (they're sitting in a bag in my living room)
4. Finish reading "A Brief History of Time"
5. Try making Basil Chicken
6. Change my guitar strings
7. Try to find some new jeans ($ale!!)

Monday, April 16, 2007